What is a dental crown?

A dental crown is like a shell, often with porcelain on the outside but also gold. The crown is stuck to the tooth as there is so much dental loss that a large filling on it would give a bad forecasting (risk of fracture). The new shell hugs the tooth and protects it from breaking apart. Most rooted teeth make a dental crown because they become fragile after the rootfilling and thus run a greater risk of cracking and fracturing. This treatment is also done at elevation, ie if you have too low a bite where the teeth have become too short due to teeth whitening.

Tooth crown in gold

Gold is a strong and precious metal. The durability of gold crowns is among one of the longest dental crowns. You can read more about different types of dental crowns further down.

Dental crown equals pain?

Treatment for dental crowns is completely pain free when done under good anesthesia. Meanwhile, wearing a temporary crown while waiting for your permanent construction, you can get ice cubes at first, but it’s not something we usually expect.

How do you do a dental crown and how long does it last?

When crown therapy, 1.5-2mm is sanded on all surfaces of the tooth to make room for a new shell often made of porcelain. A print is taken from the ground tooth and sent to dental technician. Meanwhile, the patient receives a temporary crown for about ten days. When the permanent dental crown is ready, it is then tested on the tooth. In good fit and the patient’s approval of the color and the form is cemented (stuck) on the tooth, where it is stuck all the time. A dental crown has a life span of several years, the better the oral hygiene you have, the longer life time the dental crown has. There may be exceptions as a porcelain fracture when the bite is wrong, but this may also apply if a small filling is made on the tooth, so the likelihood is small.

There are different types of dental crowns at the dentist, we will show you examples of each of them. We perform the therapy that is best for you and that you choose and are interested in.

Dental crowns are divided into four groups:

Metal ceramic dental crown, where there are two layers, an inner core made of metal and on it comes a shell of porcelain. It is the cheapest variant, it has great durability but aesthetically not as satisfying as the other types of crowns. In the past, only metal ceramic crowns were used.
Zirconium / alumina dental crown, it has two layers, an inner core that is flawed and consists in most cases of zirconia which is a very strong material and comes on a shell of porcelain. Durable crown with high aesthetics.
Porcelain (Emax and Empresskrona). The whole crown is made of porcelain. It has high aesthetics. Cementing (attachment) of the dental crown requires more precision for durability. Durable crown with very high aesthetics.
Gold. This type is a chandelier consisting only of gold (or other precious metal). High durability.

What cosmetic treatments are there?

Cosmetic treatments have the cosmetic aspect as the deciding factor. The main purpose is to change or improve the appearance.

Crowns, plastic structures and facades are often made for functional reasons, but the aesthetics are equally important with these types of treatments.

Smile makeover is a method of changing your smile and can involve different types of treatments. Often this is called “Hollywood smile”. You can read more about this.

Tooth whitening, also called tannbleking, is for those who want a whiter shade of teeth, while dental jewelry is a decorative ornament for your teeth.

What is aesthetic dental care?

Aesthetic dental care includes all dental procedures to improve overall aesthetics (the harmonious appearance) of your smile. A big cosmetic change of your smile – also known as full rehabilitation – is often characterized as a “smile makeover” or “Hollywood smile“. A nice smile can have many effects on the individual’s self-esteem, self-esteem and personal relationships.

There are many different cosmetic treatments available depending on the end result desired. If you are considering aesthetic dental care, seek advice from an experienced dentist with aesthetic treatment skills. Note that aesthetic dental care can be at the expense of your natural teeth, and therefore, in the long run, it can be a functionally bad decision to implement due to complications and restorations that come much earlier than by maintaining your own strong teeth (regardless of appearance).

When going to the dentist – to think about

Going to the dentist is something that most people do at regular intervals, but it is not something that all these people like. Many people feel a fear and anxiety before visiting the dentist, but to get it as good as possible, there are some things that may be good to think of and be aware of.

If you are afraid to go to the dentist, it is important to tell your dentist’s team that they are aware of this. All dentists are available to patients and their highest wish is that patients should enjoy themselves and not feel bad when they are on a survey or the like. By telling you how to feel, the dental team will be able to do something extra to make you feel comfortable.

When going to the dentist, there are some things that may be good to bring along. All the specific accessories that you may have for your teeth should be taken when you go to the dentist. These things include bite rails and similar things. These should be included in all visits, and the reason for this is that the dentist should, amongst other things, be able to investigate to work best, but also to adapt a new treatment if necessary.

If you are eating some medicines, it is also important to include a list of all medicines. Allergies are also important to talk about, and it is also important to remember that other patients may also be allergic. You should avoid wearing too strong smells, and you should not bring animals to the reception.

In order for the examination and treatment to be done in the best way, it may be good if you as a patient brush your teeth before. If you have not brushed your teeth at home before getting to the dentist, it may be good to bring toothbrush and toothpaste to the reception before brushing before meeting the dentist.

Different people have different purposes with their dentist visits, some are on a regular examination while others are undergoing treatment. If you are going to get a comprehensive treatment then there are some things you should find out before. One should look into what should be expected in terms of profit, what risks are there, what it will cost if you have to pay, how to pay and what guarantees apply. In addition, it’s also good to check how to handle what has been done, and how to take care to reduce the risk of getting further problems.

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